Phrase Inversion

Phrase Inversion

“It’s no more unusual to be born twice than it is to be born once.”

Great line from Ray Wylie Hubbard, and one that shows a simple trick in songwriting (related to not using clichés).

Often a good way to get a point across is to find a fairly common way of saying something then, saying it backwards (or upside down if you have been swilling Jack Daniels for breakfast).

  • If you could sing “I love you”, an easy switch-around is “My love is yours” (changes the notion of the singer being the all-important focus to the person they are singing about).
  • “Let’s get drunk” can be “Drinking double with you”.
  • “Don’t leave me” could be “leave me not”.

You get the idea. Once a phrase sounds too simple, then first look and saying it backwards. The right phrase, one with more substance and poetry, will make itself obvious.

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