Sentimental Nightmares - an album by Guy Smith

Sentimental Nightmares (2020)

Mainly more of Guy’s high minded tunes for low living, though there are creeping elements or rock/country with lighter aspects of drunken behavior and bad life choices.

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  • Austin via Dallas
  • Old Friend Jack (Daniels)
  • Sentimental Nightmares
  • Let’s Kill Adam
  • Right Way
  • Stolen Horses
  • Shorter the Skirt
  • Cajun Queen
  • If You Don’t Stop Crying

 Ghosts in the Bone - an album by Guy Smith

Ghosts in the Bone (2018)

Guy’s first solo project, with rock, country, blues, country blues and a couple of songs that might even make Tom Waits flinch. Backed by the mysterious Gutter Smoke Band and some hired gun guitarists and … accordion players?

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  • Old, Wounded and Dangerous
  • Too Far Away
  • Purgatory of Your Love
  • Ghosts in the Bone
  • Perfect and Eternal
  • One Heartbreak
  • Rains Rust
  • The Last Duet
  • The Devil’s Prayer
  • This Old Guitar
  • Dagger Heart

The San Francisco Songwriters’ Cult
Buy on Amazon, listen on SpotifyJust me and a few friends, most with criminal records.This was a rare San Francisco songwriters’ circle event with myself, Jamey Pyke, Steve Witt and Earl J. Rivard. A heady mix of Americana, some off-center rock, a little Latin flare and some things that simply don’t allow for categorization.

  • Carroll County (Steve Witt)
  • When You Went Away (Jamey Pyke)
  • Yes, No, Maybe (Earl J. Rivard)
  • One Heartbreak (Guy Smith)
  • Sometimes (Jamey Pyke)
  • Ridin’ the Boxcars (Steve Witt)
  • Amazing (Earl J. Rivard)
  • Too Far Away (Guy Smith)
  • Unemployment Song (Jamey Pyke)
  • Sweet River (Steve Witt)
  • Unfinished Songs (Earl J. Rivard)
  • Rains Rust (Guy Smith)

Singles (well, until they appear on an album)

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Side of the Road - Guy Smith SPOTIFY: https://spoti.fi/35OEoyY

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