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Guy Smith at the White Horse in Black Mountain, N.C.High-minded Tunes for Low Living

Picture the bastard love child of Tom Waits and Gregg Allman, with Ian Anderson acting as midwife and a chorus of Austin, Texas cosmic cowboys as the not-so-angelic annunciation choir. This is Guy, a happily biting troubadour who crafts songs in the back alleys of life with unblinking authenticity.

Guy’s debut album, Ghosts in the Bone, set the stage with tunes ranging from upbeat tales of drunken meanderings on Bourbon Street (Too Far Away) to those parts of life that can make a soul cringe (Ghosts in the Bone). Thought provoking poetry with gritty Americana grooves underpins Guy’s catalog, bouncing provocatively between love songs (from the happy to tragic, ala Perfect and Eternal and Last Duet), stories from the battlefield (Rains Rust), and tales from the road (Austin via Dallas). Like other blues-steeped songwriters, Guy has more than a few tales of inebriated mishaps (Shorter The Skirt) and apocolyptic breakups (Old, Wounded and Dangerous) which or even stories about enraged female homicide (HARD).

Guy has performed at the San Francisco’s Songwriters Cult, a songwriter’s showcase of innovative Bay Area songwriters.


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Guy Smith - Songwriter, Cosmic Cowboy Guy Smith performing in Asheville, NC 2019

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